Friday, October 24, 2014

Turtle Mountain, Alberta

from the back of the card: Turtle Mountain Alberta, Canada.  The site of the world-famous Frank Slide, of April 29, 1903.  About 70 people lost their lives when close to 82 million metric tonnes of rock came crashing down on the sleeping town of Frank in less than 2 minutes.

I learned about this horrific event many years ago in school.  There was only one survivor, a young toddler.  As his identity was not known, he was named Frank Slide, or at least that is what I have heard.

Visit the website of the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre for further details.

The stamp features Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her birthday.

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  1. This was something not taught in my Canadian history class!

  2. Amazing! The mountain looks completely different.

  3. This is the coolest thing to visit. The town left all the roocks were they fell except to clear the highway and the river.

  4. Good grief. I've never heard of that tragedy. That must have been awful. And to name the one survivor Frank slide...that's so very interesting. There was a slide up on Washington--I was speaking above Everett when it happened. It took out an entire town. There were survivors, but it was a terrible tragedy.

    I liked the comparison of the mountain before and then after. I love history, and though this was an awful thing to happen, it is interesting to me. Thank you so much for posting and for the history behind the postcards. Have a lovely day, my Friend.


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