Friday, August 26, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - Monkey See Monkey Do

Japanese Monkey Family

My sister sent this card to my son in 2000.  On the back she wrote: "I net some of your friends (cousins) when I went to Nikko, so I took their picture for you."  Not ice that she has written the names of his four cousins at the time on the monkeys.  Unfortunately the eldest cousin Alex, passed away this summer.  One other addition to the card, the baby monkey would now be named Paul, the youngest cousin who turned 10 a week after his brother's passing.

Friday is a wonderful day, it's when Beth of The Best Hearts are Crunchy, hosts Postcard friendship Friday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - It's Cold Out Here

On the back of this card it says "Polar Bear in the Canadian Arctic".

I must have sent this to my son in 1995 when I was out of town on a business trip.

I wasn't going to show the stamp, but then realized that not all the visitors to this blog are in Canada.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Girl

My mother made and then sent me this wonderful elf for my birthday.  Measures about 4 x 6 inches.  thanks Mom.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Canadian Prairies

Life has been sad this summer with the passing of my nephew. So my mom and I decided that we should do nice things for other people and that will bring some happiness to ourselves. So my mom has been making fabric postcards to send to family and friends.
I am not that ambitious so I started with the beginning of my address book and a stack of postcards and started writing to friends I have not talked with in a long time. I know they will be happy when they open their mailboxes in the days to come and find a pretty card waiting for them in the box.
This first card of the Prairies I have sent off to a good friend who I met when I taught English in Japan. She quite often sends me postcards from her travels around the world. The other postcard went to Taiwan to a young girl whose address I got from Postcrossing. I have sent others but not going to post a picture of every single one. Maybe I will even get some back in the mail. I put my most current address on them :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - No Arguing with this Fella

This postcard of a white rhino was sent to me by my godfather.
Visit the website of the  International Rhino Foundation for further information about this endangered animal.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Post Card friendship Friday - Wild Life

I received this post card from my godfather when he was on a photo safari in Kenya in 1981.  Great note he put on the back:
Jambo(Hi In Swahili) Luv
You've got to get here someday, it is fantastic.  Last night we watched buffalo, rhinos, bucks, pigs and hyenas from our balconey (less than 100' away). This morning we took pictures of elephants 25' away from an underground blind.  Love the people, the climate and the scenery.  Today we are at the foot of Mt. Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, staying at the most decadent place you have ever seen.  Tomorrow we're off to Somburo to see lions, leopards, gnus etc..  Food is superb, wine is plentiful and company pleasant.

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