Saturday, August 16, 2014

Postcard Friendship Friday - Beautiful simplicity

"Colourful Giraffes" by Jeni Matheson 2013

Over the years, my sister has sent me a variety of postcards from IKEA and this is one of the lovliest.  I am volunteering at a running race series this week and these giraffe remind me of the runners mulling around just before the start of the race.  All that pent up energy just waiting to be unleased, but nothing really to do until the start.

I am volunteering at the Endurrun, which is a 8 day, 7 stage, 160 kilometre race series held in the areas of Conestogo and Waterloo, Ontario.

Beth, of The Best Hearts are Crunchy is the host of Postcard Friendship Friday.  Join her with a link to your recent postcard related post. 

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  1. Hello, my dear Heather. I adore this postcard. My Mumsie LOVES giraffes, as she is tall, and she says she's gawky--however in my observation of giraffes, they are anything but gawky--just like my Mums. Graceful, lovely, full of personality and grace.

    I'm so sorry to have been so long in responding to your post--I have been out of town, helping my Mom clean my Uncle's place for a big family reunion. I actually met a cousin I didn't know existed. What a fun event. Thanks again for your patience, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!


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