Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fun fabrics

There are all sorts of wonderful conversation prints available.  I pulled a few of them from my fabric stash.  They are all left overs from earlier projects.
I use a 6 1/2 inch square ruler to help determine what will show in the area of the card, then I cut the fabrics to size.
The fabrics are nice the way they are, but I know they can look better with a bit of added stitching and some shiny embroidery threads.

For this one, I outline stitched around the bars and around the mr. Goodbar writing.


Lots of top stitching.  I used a grey embroidery thread to emphasize Hershey's.  I started at the bottom of the H and continued across not cutting the threads between each letter, instead, I used a brown sharpie marker to colour the grey thread between letters. You can spot just a dot of grey between the bottom of the E and the R.   This card has been mailed out to ?

I use an embroidery foot to free hand most of the stitching,  for some of the longer straight lines  I use the regular foot and the feed dogs to more the card.

This is such a nice print, that it really didn't need much.  I used black thread to outline various aspects of the shoes and grey for the balls.

Years ago, I made a pillow case with this fabric.

I used some ideas from Zentangles to fill in the stars.  Yellow, orange, green and red threads were used.

I was given a piece of this fabric that a friend had left from a quilt.  it's shown up in a few of my craft items over the years.

I wanted to emphasis a few of the features.  I used a thread painting technique to over stitch the heart, the alien, and the word love.  I also re-embroidered around the word whatever.  It used to be the bright blue that shows in the middle of the letter a.

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