Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maligne Lake

My postcard this week is off Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada.
I am sending this card to an old friend in Ontario named Joan. I have known Joan since I was a little girl and she is the one who taught me how to hug.
I am looking for a school overseas to send a postcard to so if you are reading this from overseas please send me the name and address of your local school.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Calgary city scape

My postcard this week is being sent to my Aunt Chris and Uncle Murray in St. Catharines. This is a card of the city scape of Calgary where I live. Calgary is a city of about 1 Million people. It's about an hour away from Banff and fantastic skiing and hiking. It's a friendly city and main industry is oil and gas.

My coworker had an idea that I look on the internet and find places in each continent to send postcards to. So I am going to google and see if i can find kids schools in different continents and countries and send a postcard to the kids. I think the kids would like to see pictures from another country.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Postcard of the Year

Yes, I love getting postcards and have since I was a little girl. I probably have packed away at my parents house (lucky them) have every postcards I received till I moved out.

Whenever I go away from Calgary I send a handful of my co-workers postcards. My one friend says " I am amazed that you bother and have time to actually mail them while away". He admitted that he likes receiving them and reading what he says is usually a smart ass message. He has never actually mailed me a postcard while away but the majority of the time will come back from a trip and I will find one sitting on my desk. I appreciate them either way.

I know how pleased I am when I receive a postcard so I thought this postcard challenge of once a week would be the perfect push to sending a postcard to others and make them smile when they open their mailbox.

I first postcard of the year was to a friend of a friend in Alabama. apparently he likes Princesses so when I was in Florida for Christmas I picked this one up for him.

Postcard Books

Purchasing postcards one at a time can get rather expensive.  I have been fortunate twice to find these neat little postcard books.  Each of them contained about 30 cards when new.  They can be removed fairly easily as the edges are perforated.  These are such a good deal that I will be keeping my eyes open for additional copies. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you like to receive mail?  Isn't it great to open your mailbox and find a colourful postcard from a far off country.  If you want to increase your chances of this happening then I recommend that you join   It's a worldwide organization that brings together like minded people, all of whom enjoy both sending and receiving postcards.  I have been a member there for over two years, though I haven't sent all that many cards.  I have totally enjoyed those I received and generally stick them on my fridge for a few weeks to enjoy before they are stored away.

My sister challenged me in November to send a postcard each week, which I did, but I haven't sent any via PostCrossing since.  Today that has changed.  I have registered to send the following:

This covered bridge is located a mere eight kilometres away.  It is the last bridge of it's type in Ontario.  It will be travelling to Germany.

This card features the world famous CN tower. For decades it was the tallest free standing building in the world.  Alas, that record has been broken in recent years.  It will be travelling to a young collector in The Netherlands.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Write, Stamp, Mail that Postcard

I love that excitement of finding a postcard in my mailbox.  Often it will be from my sister Nancy,who is frequently travelling.  A few weeks ago she suggested to me that we mail at least one postcard each week during the upcoming year.  Great idea.  Count me in. 

We plan to post here each week and share our postal activities with you.  If ;you would like to join in the adventure, you are invited to join this blog and add you own posts, or leave a comment with a link to your postcard related post.

Postcards this week.

My niece has been visiting with us for the past six months.  This morning she left on a circuitous route through the United States before her return to New Zealand.  While packing she came across several postcards.  She wrote them up and I'll pop them in the mail for her.

 Two of the cards were bought on our recent trip to Toronto.  Great night shots.  Don't you just love that cute one of Ariel that is addressed to one of her friends.

The cutesy Bear in the tent I am sending to my grandmother.  She's in her 90's and doesn't travel any more.  I don't get a chance to visit her often enough .  I know that she has always loved to recieve mail; off it goes to her.