Monday, March 28, 2011

Sending Quebec way Down Under

My niece, who is from New Zealand,  was living with us for six months last year.  During the summer, a friend of hers, Laura, came to stay for a short time.  They had wanted to go to Quebec for a few days, but couldn't work out the details of that trip.  While I was at the post office I found this very picturesque card, and knew that I had to send it off to Laura. The back of the card doesn't give any details of exactly where this is taken other than rural Quebec.  I like to imagine that in the spring, the building functions as a sugar shack.  The production of maple syrup is a huge industry in Quebec.  I did a quick Google search and found lots of images of sugaring off in Quebec.   On Saturday we'll be attending the Maple Syrup Festival in Elmira, Ontario.  Will post some pictures afterward.


  1. Panckes just aren't the same without REAL syrup I remember the days when i worked at the Sugar Shak at the Byne River Outdoor Education School

  2. How I love postcards. In the age of "fast" communication, postcards seem to not be used as much. I however send them.


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