Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last fall my friend Tory took me to a two day workshop given by the very kind Paxton Robey ( on Awakening 101, basically about finding your spiritual path. Attending this seminar was the most lovely lady named Cynthia Smith Stilbolt. Cynthia paints the most beautiful pictures of angels. She sells these wonder paintings at her studio in Santa Fe New Mexico. She told me that when people come to buy a painting they walk through the studio and the are drawn to the picture of the angel that speaks to them. These angels hanging in your house will bring you guidance and draw things into your life and watch over you.

Below is a quote from Cynthia's website. ( "Angels are showing themselves to us in new contemporary ways. They appear as light-filled, unique beings dressed in vibrant colors, ever-present and waiting for us to recognize them as true helpers and intermediaries. Working in a studio built in sacred geometry has enabled her to feel their presence.Cynthia believes these light beings are here now for the benefit of all mankind to impart hope, peace, healing and wisdom to the world. Most importantly, they are here to assure us that we are not alone."

Cynthia gave me some lovely postcards of her angel paintings. Since the seminar my friend Tory moved away to Vancouver so this postcard is going to her. There are days when i am down and Tory turns out to be my angel.

Speaking of Angels I sent this postcard to my friend Michelle here in Calgary. Michelle is my angel in Calgary. She watches over me whenever I am sick. I am lucky to have these kind of good friends.

She will be happy because she likes to receive REAL mail.

Who is the angel in your life, why not send them a pretty postcard in the mail and make their day :)

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  1. These are l ovely. Thanks for sharing the story about them.


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