Friday, March 4, 2011


I recently learned a new word "DELTIOLOGIST": a person who collects postcards as a hobby. Apparently it's the third largest hobby after stamp collecting.
I love to get postcards and I keep them forever, but wouldn't have thought it was a hobby. I just think it is fun to see the sites around the world and of course the delight of receiving something in your mail box :)
I just sent the postcard of the buckets to my friend Hope Renee that I have known since we were 5 years old, many years ago, I am very sure in the day that we used to play with buckets just like this in the sandboxes that our dads built in our back yards. Every kid had one. We lived near Lake Ontario so the dads would go to the beach and fill bags with sand and bring it home to fill the wooden sandbox they had built. Many hours of fun were had in those boxes.

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