Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post Cards My Sister Sent

My sister Nancy, the other participant in this blog, has been sending me postcards since her university years.  I have kept most of them and am planning to share them here with you.  Since she loves to travel, they are from all sorts of places. 

Winter is giving a valiant effort at trying to convince me that I like it, and want it to stay winter and snowy forever.  These are my last hurrah to the white stuff.  I hope.

This was sent to my son.  I believe Nancy was in Colorado as part of a wedding party.  Always time to hit the slopes for a few runs.

This was mailed at the same time to my daughter.

Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefield.  Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

This card was bought in Chamonix, France. 

My sister wrote that this card is from the Yellow Mountains in Wen Quan, China.
Front of the card says "Sea Exploring Pine".


  1. Heather that is so cool that i sent so many with snow on them lol. Was a nice reminder of places i have been. Glad to know you kept them. Will have to see what you receive in the future huh?

  2. Heather i remember them all except the Chamonix one, i think that one is cool.

  3. The card from Chamonix is stunning. It looks like an avalanche about to happen. I'm all in favour of winter when it's on a postcard, but when it's underfoot, not so much.


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