Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post Cards My Sister Sent - The Funnest Places on Earth

My sister loves roller coasters and along with that, amusement parks.
She never misses a chance to visit a Disney location.
She visited Tokyo Disneyland while she was living in Japan and teaching English.
I knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit with Belle, Esmeralda and Snow White.
She sent this card to my children.

She must have really loved it as she sent them this second card a week later.

I don't know anything about Odaiba.  I found an article on Wikipedia.  It is an artificial island that was built in Tokyo Bay.  On the back of the postcard my sister wrote about a big Ferris wheel that is covered with flashing and changing lights.  If you  scroll down on the wikipedia article, you will see a good image of the area at night and this Ferris wheel clearly shows.  She said that there is also a 'Where the Wild Things are' play land with giant characters of Max and Maxi walking around.

Now we travel half way around the world, almost to my backyard.  Canada's Wonderland  has some fantastic world class roller coasters.  Not surprising that my sister would visit there.  She started the writing on the back of the postcard with "Dearest Heather, my rainbow sister", so of course she had to send this postcard of the entrance to Happy Land. 

Hope that you have had as much fun as I have visiting and re-visiting these fun locations.
I am left wondering why I don't have a postcard from Paris Disney?

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  1. Hahahaha those are great. Yup love the rollarcoasters and them parks. I was too poor living in France being an ua pair girl probably had to decide between eating and sending postcards and I like to eart so no Euro Disney postcard, it was called that then.


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