Sunday, June 12, 2011

Las Vegas

I received this postcard in the mail on a non strike day. It is from my favourite math teacher (Mr. Sernasie) from high school. He loves gambling and said this is from his favourite place. If you look at the cars they are antiques so must the postcard be lol. What a nice surprise. We had such wonderful teachers at our school (Laura Secord Secondary School in St. Catharines, named after the women who warned the British the Americans were coming in the war of 1812. She saved the war for us that is, not the Americans reading this lol. She now has a very yummy chocolate shop named after her. Laura Secord)


  1. Hello there! My name is Ruby and I collect and blog about postcards at Would you like to swap postcards with me and also exchange blogrolls? ^_^

  2. Great card. Very cool that Mr. S. still keeps in contact.

  3. This postal strike strike is really frustrates me b bec I'm not getting my daily dose of postcard. :(


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