Friday, April 15, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - The Hug

My sister Nancy sent me this postcard with a drawing by John Lennon titled The Hug.
She told me that she had visited the John Lennon museum while she was in Japan.  This museum closed September 30, 2010 after a ten year run.  Some details about the museum can be found at Wikipedia.

She said that this card reminded her of the time I went to Toronto, Ontario with a bunch of my friends for a candlelight memorial the day after his death.

For a little postal friendship, visit The Best Hearts are Crunchy which hosted the weekly meme Postcard Friendship Friday.


  1. It's fascinating that he didn't choose a trophy girlfriend/wife.
    Lots of babes, bimbos and other B-category candidates out there.
    Gold-diggers galore.
    But look who bested them.
    Winner by K.O.

  2. wonderful card and what memories for those of us old enough to remember the Beatles first trip to the U.S. happy PFF!

  3. It seems so long ago and yet like yesterday at the same time.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I do remember when these were originally published as a fundraiser.

  5. Iremember the sadness of Dec. 1980.
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.

  6. your postcard sure brings back memories.

  7. I remember sending that postcard and museum. there was a red phone and you could pick it up and it would dial YOKO and she sometimes answered and would talk to the caller.I tried but got nothing lol

  8. simple yet have profound meaning...thanks for sharing! btw, just followed you and visiting you from postcard friendship friday! have a great weekend. :)


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