Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fabric Postcards from my mom

My mom knows how much I like to get real mail and especially postcards, so she makes me these wonderful fabric postcards and mails them to my office. It makes my day when I receive one. The women in my office always oh and ah over the lovely cards.
I told her about one of the girls wanted one that was a beach scene and two weeks later me and Dom both received beach scene postcards at work. I have loved teddy bears since I was a little girl and so the majority of the ones I receive are Teddy themes.
Isn't it nice to receive something that was hand made for you with love?????


  1. It's that wonderful! This reminds me to pull out some postcard blanks that I have, and try some fabric postcards myself.

  2. Beautiful. Who doesn't love teddy bears?

  3. Those bears are adorable. Love the little shovel and pail.

  4. What a sweet mom you have! Love the one at top the best!


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