Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lake Louise Banff National Park

This is a postcard of Lake Louise located in the Beautiful Banff National Park. I am sending this postcard to my sister Shelley. Shelley and Heather came to visit me two summers ago because Heather and I were running out first half Marathon. Two days before the race I took the girls to Lake Louise. One can not go to Lake Louise without hiking up to the tea house to of course to have tea and to see the view of this spectacular lake. Two years later and Heather still brings up the fact I made her do all this mountain climbing just before her first big race. My excuse was that I was trying to get her acclimatized to the high elevation of Alberta so the race would be easier. She may never run a race with me again lol


  1. Canada is a good place for some adventure. The place has beautiful places and interesting tourist sight

  2. oh she has already challenged me to another race, this time at sea level. I am in training, still to decide whether I can go the distance.


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