Friday, July 1, 2011

Post Card Friendship Friday - Canada Day

Happy Canada Day.
I wanted to share this iconic image that is associated world wide with Canada.
To be honest, it's not a site we get to see very often, perhaps when attending special events.  The officers do look impressive in their dress uniforms. 

For additional postal fun, head on over to The Best Hearts are Crunchy for Postcard Friendship Friday.


  1. Very iconic of Canada, though, even if you don't see it often. They must look wonderful.

    Happy Canada Day!

  2. Very interesting. I would love to explore the beautiful country of Canada someday. Happy Canada Day!

    My Postcard Friendship Friday ENTRY is up. Thanks!

  3. Perfect card for Canada Day! I remember an old black and white television show featuring the mounties. (Just aged myself a lot!) Happy PFF!

  4. Lovely card - good looking officer!

  5. Interesting postcard design. Happy Canada day! I'm glad Canada post is back to normal. :)

  6. They always have a Mountie here whenever there's a celebration about Canada day and yes,Belated Happy Canada Day!

    My Postcard Friendship Friday.

  7. I followed a link from Perogies & Gyoza to here, discovered Postcrossing, joined and sent off my postcards yesterday!

    Today, I told a student about it and she's going to check it out too!

    So, thank you! I look forward to getting lots of mail soon :-)


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