Sunday, July 31, 2011


I was away in Ontario for a while for a family funeral and hadn't been able to write on the blog. Slowly forcing myself to get back to reality and live life again.
When I was home I was looking through some boxes of many many many boxes at my parents house and found bag full of postcards I had received since I was a kid. I brought them back with me.
These two postcards are of a cartoon character named Ziggy that was popular in the 80's. I must have been a fan because two of my highschool friends Julie and Renee sent me these cards when they were away on trips. Ziggy seemed to do his own thing and that is okay lol The bottom postcard was actually stickers that I could peel off and send but I guess I liked them too much to give them away :)


  1. These are great cards. Am looking forward to the other hidden postal treasures.

  2. Ziggy was also popular in the Philippines back in the 80s! I remember purchasing Ziggy cards and stickers to swap with my classmates :)


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