Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Into the Mailbox They Go

 This is one of my favourite postcards to send overseas.  There is a large Mennonite population in this area and it attracts a lot of tourism.  These are very respectful photographs, no faces are fully visible.  Yes, there really are buggies on our roads.  We see them most every day.

This one will be on its way to Belarus.
I made this postcard a little while back.  It is made with one inch squares a fabrics that are fused onto a stiff backing.  I then used black thread and various machine stitches to fasten them down.  I will use a Sharpie marker to write my sister's address on the back along with a message.  For postage I will add one of the stick on stamps and then touch it lightly with a hot iron to help it really adher.  At the post office I will request that it be handstamped just incase the stamp does fall off in the process.


  1. that's a nice fabric postcard your sister should like it. Maybe she will send you a postcard back, but don't hold your breathe or you might turn blue lol

  2. Nice fabric postcard! I made some like this, but pieced them from 1 1/2" squares. Your way seems more intelligent.
    I send my cards all over North America and to Europe, and receive cards from there, and until now the stamps stayed on, even without ironing them on.
    There are a couple of friendly Yahoo groups that exchange fabric postcards, in case you are interested.


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