Friday, November 8, 2013

Stuck on Canada - contest

Just as we were all set to have some work done up on our roof, the skies opened and that white fluffy stuff started to fall.  It coated my house and yard.  Maybe tomorrow it will stay clear and the work can get done.
The wonderful card is from The Postcard Factory.  I know this has happened to me when I was young, very young, it really hurts to pull rip your tongue off that cold metal.
I was asked if we really do something that an adult knows is so wrong.  Well, as a kid, either you are dared to do it, or your curiosity gets the better of you and you stick out your tongue and the rest just hurts. Dumb yes, but it happens.
Be sure to leave a comment, as one lucky commenter will win this postcard and I'll write on it and mail it to you (unless you really want it in an envelope).  yippee, real mail.  Open to all.  Make sure I can contact you, if you are a no reply commenter, include your email.

For more postal fun, visit The Best Hearts are Crunchy for Postcard Friendship Friday.  All are invited to post a link to their recent postcard post.


  1. Forgive my innocence (dumminess), but do you really try to lick it there? :p

    1. It is a joke. If metal is really cold, your tongue can freeze to it and be "stuck."

  2. I think I have seen a Minnesota card with a similar theme. We had a little snow this week too.

  3. It sure felt like it would snow last night, but so far we've only had rain.
    I don't think I've done this, but I have had my wet fingers get stuck on the metal (so keep those mittens on!)

    I've seen this card on Postcrossing, but never in any stores....

  4. It is snowing today here in Finland or actually it is sleet and I believe it will melt off soon. I hope we'll get real snow soon, because it's quite dark and grey outside.

  5. LOL Oh, my goodness--it is not snowing here--hasn't snowed here for a LONG time. I keep hoping. (grin) I just want enough to fall that I get to build a snowman in my front yard. A BIG one!

    It is to be sunny tomorrow--then it will sog--as is normal here in rainy ole' Oregon.

    I love your contest. I hope I win. (grin)

    ((hugs)) Happy PFF!

  6. This postcard seems so 'Canada'. I remember being admonished by my mother not to do this and telling my kids the same. There was always some daredevil who had to try it. :D
    We don't have much snow here (Eastern SK) yet, which is a real treat.


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