Friday, November 1, 2013

Dreaming of Summer

I'm feeling a bit patriotic today and decided to send this card off to a far away friend.  It features 3 of the widely popular Muskoka style chairs.  These are found on decks and cottages all around the country.  The card if from Canada Post and was designed by Karen Smith Design.

For more postal fun, be sure to visit The Best Hearts are Crunchy for Postcard Friendship Friday.  After visiting, send a postcard to someone and make them smile.


  1. Love the red and white here!

    Happy weekend and Happy PFF!

  2. One of my best friends has a set of these chairs on their front porch. I didn't know what they were called. VERY cool!

    Have a lovely weekend and happy Postcard Friendship Friday! ((hugs))

  3. Hello Heather,

    What a peaceful card...I love the view.

    So you are also part of the posscrossing website ? That so great, I'm having a lot of fun sending and receiving cards with them. Of course, sometimes it's a little long, because I picked a lot of adress that take a little long for the cards to arrive, but still I love it.

    Happy PFF !


  4. I never saw the Muskoka name before.They look the same as Adirondack chairs.


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