Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stuck on Canada Contest winners

I have been very remiss in closing this contest and drawing a winner.  I used Random.org to help me. 
The winner of the Stuck on Canada card is Beth Niquette.
Since I was so slow, I chose a second winner of an as of yet unknown card, Violet Sky.

I'll be sending emails to both winners.
Thanks all for entering.  Stay tuned for a Nancy Drew postcard contest.


  1. yay! thank you! I was wondering what happened to your posts after checking in occasionally and not seeing any updates ;)

  2. Really?! Really!!! I won something?! lol ((hugs))

    I couldn't find your email address on this , so write me for an address at beth@niquette.net. I am SO excited! Teehee ((hugs))


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