Friday, October 21, 2011

I love Orange

Puddle by Mia Rozmyn, 1993

I didn't find a web site for Ms. Rozmyn, though she did produce a quilt book at that time titled: Freedom in Desigh: New Directions in Foundation Paper Piecing.

I am sending this along to a personal friend of mine who also enjoys using orange in her quilts.

For more postal fun, visit with Beth at The Best Hearts are Crunchy for Postcard FriendShip Friday.


  1. I love orange too! Perfect for Autumn, too! Great quilt. Happy PFF!

  2. That is a wonderful quilt, and so too a wonderful card! I just wish I could do things like that, but at least I can look at postcards.

  3. Well this is a nice gift Heather. The orange is a positive color according to people who study the impact of color in our mood.

    I'm personally more into blue and I like the way the blue is put here just like cloud around the fruits.

    Happy PFF



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