Friday, October 14, 2011

Giant Kauri Tree

This card features the Big Kauri Tree from New Zealand.  This one is the tallest in  New Zealand at 51.5 metres/169 feet.  The Maoris named this tree, Tane Mahuta - 'God of the Forest'.  It is growing in the Waipoua Forest.

For further information about this tree, visit the Kauri Museum.  The Waipoua Kauri Forest.

This video shows the same tree as on the card.  It is estimated to be 1200 years old and still growing.

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  1. Wow, that really is amazing, especially that it's still growing.

  2. Exotic tree, 1,200 years-young, still growing - wow! :)

  3. What an amazing tree - so old and still growing. I giggled at the comment at the end of the video clip :=} - I think it's a little older than me too ... but not much!
    Happy PFF!


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