Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post Cards My Sister Sent - My Running Hero

Terry Fox is one of the most known and beloved of all Canadians.  In 1981 he started his cross country.  For 143 days he ran a marathon, that's 26 miles a day for 3, 339 miles until he was too sick to continue.  His cancer , which earlier had claimed his right leg, was back.  This monument in Thunder Bay, Ontario marks the location where Terry stopped running.

I remember watching the news for updates on his progress and being devastated when he had to stop.  even though he had to stop, his memory remains.  Every September, thousands of Canadians lace on their shoes and run.  To date, runners around the world have raised $550 million for cancer research.

Be sure to visit yesterday's post by Nancy to comment for a chance to be mailed the Inukshuk postcard.


  1. I don't really know what to say. Seeing that memorial brings back all kinds of emotions. His journey was both inspiring and heartbreaking. If you haven't had the chance to visit the memorial, make it a point to do so.

  2. Hey i have that postcard lol. It was sad to be at the memorial and read all the stuff, what a fantastic giving human being :)

  3. That's really nice to know. His journey was very inspiring for all people. Thanks for sharing.


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