Friday, January 7, 2011

Write, Stamp, Mail that Postcard

I love that excitement of finding a postcard in my mailbox.  Often it will be from my sister Nancy,who is frequently travelling.  A few weeks ago she suggested to me that we mail at least one postcard each week during the upcoming year.  Great idea.  Count me in. 

We plan to post here each week and share our postal activities with you.  If ;you would like to join in the adventure, you are invited to join this blog and add you own posts, or leave a comment with a link to your postcard related post.

Postcards this week.

My niece has been visiting with us for the past six months.  This morning she left on a circuitous route through the United States before her return to New Zealand.  While packing she came across several postcards.  She wrote them up and I'll pop them in the mail for her.

 Two of the cards were bought on our recent trip to Toronto.  Great night shots.  Don't you just love that cute one of Ariel that is addressed to one of her friends.

The cutesy Bear in the tent I am sending to my grandmother.  She's in her 90's and doesn't travel any more.  I don't get a chance to visit her often enough .  I know that she has always loved to recieve mail; off it goes to her.

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  1. I talked to your Grandma and she was over the moon that you sent her a postcard :)Little things mean so much


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