Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pay It Forward

Last week while cruising the net, I visited one of my usual places and she was hosting a 'Pay it Forward' contest.  I did enter, but I also decided that I would pay the kindness forward.  I went to Postcrossing and requested two addresses.

 This cute one of Ariel and her pal Flounder is on it's way to a collector in Germany.

The friends from Toy Story 2 are on their way to the United States.

When the mood strikes, how do you 'Pay it Forward'?

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  1. very cool. i just sent two postcards today myself to postcrossing people, one to China and one to Belarus. How do i Pay it forward. Well today i had a wonderful day and people were kind to me giving me great job references so on the way home from the store i left all my change in my pocket on a ledge for someone to find. No homeless people asked me for any change today or i would have given it to them. Also people made great recommendations on LinkedIn for me so i will return the favour and write recommendations for them.


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