Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Calgary Stampede 2012

The Calgary Stampede ( celebrates it's 100 the anniversary this July. It is going to be quite the party. Each year the Stampede makes a beautiful cowboy or cowgirl stampede poster. The postcard is a sample of one from a couple of years back.
I look forward each year to seeing the newest design.
I sent this card to my parental unit in Ontario. They have always wanted to come out to Calgary for the event but have not made it yet.
I am looking forward to the 10 days of pretending to be a cowgirl. The city becomes decorated with hale bales and paintings of cowboy life on windows. Everyone I mean almost everyone dresses up in cowboy attire. We head out to bars/saloons for beers and barbeque's. There are pancake breakfasts everywhere.The main event is at the Stampede grounds where the Chuckwagon races and rodeo take place every night.It is a fun event.
If you haven't been you should put it on your list of things to do.


  1. come on, tell the truth, you like Stampede, because you like the dressing up part.

    1. Yup i love playing cowgirl for 10 days so fun lol


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