Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Post Card of the Year

I was very surprised when hubby returned of the mailbox yesterday with this lovely card.  I looked at the front and wondered where it had come from.  I hadn't arranged a swap and was due one via Postcrossing.  The mystery cleared when I read the back.  It is from my sister.  While she lives in Alberta, Canada, she does travel a lot and happens to have a stash of 'new' cards she had bought as souvenirs.  Fortunate for me, she has decided that it is more fun to send them out rather than keep them stored away in a drawer.

This one is from her trip several years ago to Krabi, Thailand.  Now, was that the trip where the rats gnawed through your bag and ate the chocolate that you had saved for Christmas Day?

My sister has dared me to make a person happy by requesting and sending a postcard via Postcrossing.  Well, I double dare her, I'm going to send two.  Are you a member of Postcrossing?  Have you sent out a card this year?  If you are and you haven't sent a card, I invite you to join us in our dare.  Leave me a comment after you have sent your card, and I'll send you a card as well(make sure you leave an email I can reach you at, still waiting for Grace B. to send me an email as I have a card waiting to send to her).

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  1. Ya well you thought right it is better to send those cards than keep in a box so I have been sending them out. I am ahead of you and already have my second one ready just needs a stamp and i have two others to go overseas to old friends..
    And yes that is the place where the rats bit into my Ferro Rohcer didn't like it and thank goodness they left because you would have heard the scream from Thailand in Canada if i had found them in my bag lol


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