Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

About 10 years ago I used to live in Japan. For anyone who has spent time with Japanese people you will know they are very generous with gifts. If they go on a day trip or vacation they ALWAYS bring back gifts for their friends and co-workers. It is a very nice tradition for lack of better word.
Well when my time teaching there was coming to an end the gifts started poring in. I sent boxes and boxes of gifts home and on the last day I worked I received so many gifts that I had to drop boxes off at the post office the next day on the way to the airport.
I moved to Alberta (3000 plus miles across Canada to the west) not that Long after I came back from Japan. The boxes have been sitting at my parents house ever since. My dad started mailing my boxes of treats/gifts. There are the most interesting gifts in there, many traditional Japanese and then just silly things that the Japanese are famous for, things I can't even imagine how to use, the instructions don't help lol.
I found this postcard in the box from my co-worker Kimie. she knew I loved Pooh bear so she bought me a luscious Pooh blanket and this card to go with it.
As the card says Pooh and Kimie will always be with me, but unfortunately I don't know anymore where Kimie is :(
The post card below on the blog with the monkeys was sent from Nikko Japan a beautiful area north of Tokyo with so much history and temples and a fantastic park.

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  1. This card certainly shows Pooh at his best, head stuck in a honey pot. Thanks so much for posting.


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