Monday, August 15, 2011

The Canadian Prairies

Life has been sad this summer with the passing of my nephew. So my mom and I decided that we should do nice things for other people and that will bring some happiness to ourselves. So my mom has been making fabric postcards to send to family and friends.
I am not that ambitious so I started with the beginning of my address book and a stack of postcards and started writing to friends I have not talked with in a long time. I know they will be happy when they open their mailboxes in the days to come and find a pretty card waiting for them in the box.
This first card of the Prairies I have sent off to a good friend who I met when I taught English in Japan. She quite often sends me postcards from her travels around the world. The other postcard went to Taiwan to a young girl whose address I got from Postcrossing. I have sent others but not going to post a picture of every single one. Maybe I will even get some back in the mail. I put my most current address on them :)

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  1. love those sunflowers. I wish I hadn't lost my address book. That is a great approach. Off to the postcrossing site to find a new address.


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